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Commercial Landscape Maintenance by On Site Landscape Management

At On Site Landscape Management, we specialize in providing innovative solutions along with professional commercial landscape maintenance services to each of our clients.
Whether you’re a property manager for an HOA or condominium association, a board member or the owner or manager of a commercial property, you’re looking for a commercial landscape maintenance company that will take full control and responsibility for all your landscaping needs. You’re looking for someone that will take the hassle out of landscape maintenance and give you back the precious time you need to focus on the more important elements of your job.  You want a PROACTIVE landscape company that will “Do What They Say They Are Going To Do” and “Make Your Life Easier”.

At On Site Landscape Management, we understand that you don’t have the time to be chasing your landscape company around your property directing them to areas that have been neglected or forgotten, showing them weeds that need to be removed, wondering why your grass or plants are dying from a lack of water or why the insects or fungus have taken over and destroyed your turf or shrubs.  You’re tired of telling them that the seasonal flowers they planted 6 months ago, are dead and need to be removed and replaced with a fresh set of flowers or why the dead plants along the front entrance of the clubhouse haven’t been removed and replaced.

HOA Landscape Company by On Site Landscape Management

You also don’t want a landscape company that takes 2 to 3 days to return your phone calls or fails to follow-up on your punch list items.  You’re tired of wondering which service they are scheduled to perform each week, when will it been completed and whether or not it will be invoiced correctly.  You’re tired of the angry phone calls from homeowners or tenants that are constantly complaining about the poor landscape services they are receiving after paying high HOA or lease payments.

You want a professional landscape maintenance company that is PROACTIVE!

Landscape Design by Onsite Landscape Management

Regardless of whether you drew it on a napkin at the kitchen table or had it designed by a professional landscape architect, renovating your existing home or updating an aging landscape beds within a homeowner association is one of the best financial investments you can ever make. Not only will it help increase the overall value of your property or community but it will make it aesthetically more appealing and updated as well. Whatever your motivation or desire, On Site Landscape Management has the professionals and the resources you need to complete your next landscape design, plant enhancement, lawn renovation, irrigation repair, or tree installation.


OnSite Landscape Management understands that for many of our clients, maintaining accessibility throughout the winter season isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Our snow and ice removal crews are on the job around the clock, with plow teams dispatched to clear your parking lot the moment conditions warrant, no matter the time of day.

Throughout the winter, your safety remains our number one priority, which is why we offer snow and ice removal services that go beyond standard plowing and salting to include our exclusive 24/7 monitoring and site patrols.

Landscape Lighting

Incorporating landscape lighting into your corporate or commercial space is a practical way to showcase your property while simultaneously increasing safety and security. OnSite Landscape Management specializes in providing custom landscape lighting solutions to suit any outdoor space. We will carefully evaluate your property and create a custom lighting design tailored to your needs. Our landscape lighting solutions provide maximum visibility in all areas, resulting in a safe, secure and welcoming corporate or commercial environment.

Whether for walkways, entranceways, parking lots or property features, let OnSite plan and install a lighting system that works best for your unique landscaping